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How to Update Minutes and Agendas in Town Web Design V5 Software

Updating your town’s website is easier than you may think.
Updating your town’s website is easier than you may think.

As a manager of your town web page, one of the things you will want to know how to do is updating the minutes and agenda.

Fortunately, with a Town Web website, this is easier than you might think. With our V5 software, updating the minutes or agendas, as well as editing and changing things up is a simple and straightforward process. To help give you some insight into how this is done –here is a brief rundown.

To get started you need to click on the TWD Meeting Repository. This can be found along the left-hand side of your dashboard. Once there, you will see a list of all of the previous meeting minutes and agendas. These minutes or agendas have already been uploaded and published onto your website. Adding new minutes or agendas is simple –simply click ‘Add New.’ This is where the process begins.

Click "Add new" to upload new minutes or agendas to your site!
Click “Add new” to upload new minutes or agendas to your site!

Publishing Minutes

You will then be taken to a page where you have a few different options to edit and change the way your meeting minutes or agendas appear. There are three main areas that you’ll want to focus on; the title, the meeting date, and the PDF that you’ll upload. Let’s look at those areas now.

  • The Title – The title is the main box that appears at the top of the page. Name the title whatever you wish. You’ll want to choose something that will help you to keep track of the meetings and let others know what meeting or agenda notes you are uploading.
  • The Meeting Date – The meeting date is the date that the meeting was held on. Simply select the date when the meeting took place –or a date in the future for the agenda.
  • PDF File – To upload the PDF file click ‘Select PDF.’ If you have already uploaded the minutes to the server, it will be waiting for you on in the media gallery. If not, you will need to navigate to ‘Upload Files’ and upload it from your computer by dragging and dropping the file to the server. Once it’s uploaded click ‘Insert Into Post.’

You will also need to ensure that you select a category to file your meeting minutes or agendas in.

Once everything is in place hit ‘Publish.’

minutes & agenda uploading
Uploading your Minutes & Agendas is done from one simple location!

Editing Minutes

To edit your already-existing minutes or agendas –just follow the same basic procedure as outlined above.

Navigate to the TWD meeting repository. To find the file that you recently updated, select ‘Meeting Date’ at the top of the list to arrange the files in the latest-published format. Once you find the file you are looking for –simply click the title, and you will be taken to a new page where you can move forward with your edits.

Once there you will see all of the fields that you previously filled in, including the title, date, and meeting agenda or minutes. In most cases –you will probably already have the agenda uploaded and will be looking to upload the minutes from the meeting. If this is the case –you simply click the ‘Upload File’ button and insert the file from the server or your computer. If the category and main title are already filled out, and you are just editing the post –all you have to do from there is hit ‘Update,’ and everything will be set.

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If you have questions regarding the process feel free to contact Town Web. As always, our tech support is standing by ready to help with any questions that you may have.

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