March 11, 2022

A brief look into the past

With over 600 municipalities and 14 years of designing local government websites, we take a brief look into the past and what it brought us.

“Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.”

- Ron Kaufman

Town Web, a website design for government technology company with nearly two decades, and over 600 municipal clients under the belt, we’ve learned a lot.

We’ve learned how to provide accessible, easy-to-use (for both you and resident) website design for government for small and big communities alike. We’ve learned to produce affordable municipal websites sprinkled with 24/7 tech support, document management, and cloud-based backup; consistently. 

We love making all of this happen to provide transparency and ways to notify residents easily; to communities. Here are several testimonials from Town Web customers who agree: 

“You need to have an "exceptional" rating - there are occasions where I have something out of the ordinary that needs to be posted. I send it to Marta Stankovic and she always does it according to the instructions!”

Cathay - Town of Windsor Locks

“I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation on how easy you have been to work with. It has been an interesting journey to reach this point and you have made it a joy.”

Nan, Ponto Lake Township

“Town Web and Miranda Roberts consistently provide extremely fast and highly accurate service responses to our requests. We look to do more customization on our website with Town Web.”

Don - Town of Calumet

“Just wanted to let you know that the dashboard to update our website was VERY easy to use! We had a small snowpocalypse and I was happy I was able to get on there and quickly update things without any training!”

Kim, Mantrap Township

“Working with was a pretty effortless experience, and the end result was exactly what our town was looking for. The ongoing maintenance is easy for us, and we are pleased with the whole process. We appreciate having live support if or when it is needed, and we’d recommend to others looking to acquire or update their web experience.”

Gloria, Town of Holland, Brown County

“I am not very computer savvy! That being said, your service was extremely helpful. From setting up the page to inputting information, your team is top-notch! The videos on doing things are very helpful and the staff is always willing to explain how to use the system. They are very courteous and patient when teaching me to do new things. As for using the page myself, it is very easy to navigate. I have learned to input items of interest for my community. I feel very much at ease using the system and I would recommend your service to anyone.”

Bob, Reilly Township

“Our experience with your team (from receiving the proposal to our recent support requests after launch) have been better than we ever could have hoped for. Your team is very customer- and product-focused, and have always been quick to respond to us. The process of building and launching the website was seamless for us, and we felt informed each step of the way. The top-tier website you’ve built for us, along with excellent customer service and a user-friendly management system, has exceeded expectations while also keeping us comfortable with our budget.”

Harrison, City of Lake Ozark

“We are very happy with our website! As a very small municipality, we find your platform suits our needs simply and perfectly! and We recommend Town Web to anyone who inquires about our website, which happens relatively frequently.”

Kate, Village of Footville

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