November 15, 2022

Local Municipalities in Town Web: From Teeny Tiny to Big City Lights

The Town of Gilbert, Arkansas is quite a quint little town. It's steeped in a rich history of over a century, but more importantly The Town of Gilbert is the smallest town in the Town Web community. In this two part series we discover the smallest but also the biggest municipalities, in the Town Web community.

Town Web boasts 700 clients, across the United States. Amongst them all, the Town of Gilbert is definitely a special one in the Town Web website design for government community, due its size. As we all know, there are a lot of small towns in the United States, but Gilbert, Arkansas is the smallest. With a population of just 33 residents, it's definitely off the beaten path. 

According to the 2020 census, approximately 46 million residents live in rural areas. This makes up just 14% of the total population. And, 'small' towns in this case refer to municipalities with less than 5000 residents.

But don't let its size fool you – Gilbert has some impressive claims to fame!

5. The population consists of 66% male and 33% female residents.

4. The town boasts an art gallery: proof that art is needed, and appreciated, in all corners of the world.

3. The cemetery contains more headstones than the number of residents in the town. With 33 residents it's not difficult to see how that is possible, but the size is no indication of the wholeness, character and tourist attractions found in this little town!

2. The Gilbert general store, built in 1901, before the community was officially founded a year later, is still operating today and sells supplies and fishing and hunting licenses.

The Gilbert general store built in 1901.

1. It's the smallest local municipality that Town Web website design for government, serve.
The town's population took a prominent downturn in 2020 when the official population fell to just 25, according to Google. 

The town now hosts 33 residents.

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