Open Letter to Town Web customers about Dustin's Top Secret project

We've always wanted to be the company that goes that extra step to make people happy. That's something we got from Dustin. And true to his ways he's taken that one extra step yet again. He's been working on something new and exciting. These days he's uncovering what that is by mailing our customers the Founding Member opportunity.

We're sharing Dustin's amazing opportunity as an Open Letter

Hey there!

I’m the owner and founder of Town Web, the company that designed your municipal web site and which keeps it running smoothly with our awesome support & project management team. Since mid-2020 I’ve been working with a few others here on a Top Secret software project that I’m sure you’ll love.

I am about to announce this software to the public, but first wanted to let you know about it and give you a special offer because you are a Town Web client of ours. It is a way for me to show my appreciation for your loyalty to us as partners in the digital world of local government.

The software we've developed is called HeyGov and it's built specifically for municipalities like yours. It helps local governments go paperless in a post-COVID era, and also includes an iOS & Android app for your residents to use.

I am inviting you to be a Founding Member of HeyGov

As a Founding Member, you will be part of a select group of municipalities who are in our "Inner Circle". In exchange, you will receive special benefits including discounted pricing, waived set-up fees, free hardware, free digitization of your forms & permits, and early access to new products that we're releasing.

First, let me reveal what the three core apps are that come with HeyGov in 2021:

Essentially, HeyGov is a single platform for all of your communication needs. This means your municipality can run smarter, faster and better. And it's available now for you to use!

HeyLicense will help your municipality go Paperless!

Your website already contains a variety of permit and license forms. We know because we've uploaded them for you. With HeyLicense, we’ll convert your forms to digital format so that they can be filled out by your citizens though your website or through the HeyGov mobile app. This app is called HeyLicense, and it's part of the HeyGov platform.

As a Founding Member of HeyGov, you can use our "Done For You Service," getting your permits and licenses digitized by myself and our team -- for absolutely no charge! This will save you time and allow you to get started right away.

Using HeyLicense will be a humongous "Clerk-Saver"!

It will save you time because HeyLicense automates the repetitive process of handling your license applications, no matter the type.

Whenever a resident fills out an application online, you'll get notified. HeyLicense will then automatically pass that application to whichever department is responsible for handling it. If there are two or more departments that need to handle a specific permit or license, we build that in the workflow rules so that the right people & departments are notified whenever they need to participate in the review process.

Let's say you have your Operator's License (Bartender License) added to HeyGov and linked on your website. When somebody in your town fills out that new license application, you'll get notified about it. 

HeyLicense will then automatically forward that application to the Police Department so that they can perform the required background check. And when they've completed their review within HeyLicense, the system will automatically forward the application back to you for your approval and further processing.

You no longer have to play "air traffic controller" and manually pass the paperwork from department to department. Instead, you can rely on HeyLicense to do the work for you!

Once you take HeyLicense for a spin, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it! Welcome to a new era of digital government… thanks to the HeyGov platform.

Your Residents will appreciate filling out forms through the HeyGov mobile app 

HeyGov also benefits your city residents. Not only is it easier to apply for permits and licenses using their phone, but they'll also find the process much more convenient.

Although the software works perfectly well for residents on a desktop computer, we've specifically designed it so that it's 100% optimized for the mobile experience. Since nearly everybody has a smartphone and uses it daily (including my 73 year old mother!) we know that designing HeyGov around the mobile ecosystem is the way of the future and it's the best way to serve your residents in the post-COVID area.

I cannot wait for you to see how using HeyGov will modernize your town & citizen interactions!

If that isn't enough, I've got something even more exciting to help you. It's called HeyGov Pay!

HeyGov Pay will allow you to collect payments from citizens… online and in person 

HeyGov Pay is a robust payments solution that can help you get paid and keep your town moving forward in the 21st century! You'll be able to accept credit card payments… both in-person and online. 

Not only will it be easier for residents to pay for permits and licenses online, but it will also be easy to accept payment for any other services.

So, if you've ever considered collecting payments online, or having citizens pay in person with a credit or debit card—HeyGov Pay is the way to go for seamless payments!

Best of all, as a Founding Member of HeyGov, you'll receive a free POS payment terminal that you can use in the office! ($300 value)

Lastly, the 3rd Core Feature is Hey311, which lets residents report non-emergency maintenance issues like potholes, broken streetlights and ordinance violations. 

No more emailing, no more phoning… just a few taps on the smartphone and a citizen's request will be submitted to your town using Hey311, a Citizens Engagement Platform.

This is really cool, right? You get to make your city better with the help of its residents! 

Lots of bigger cities in the US have already implemented software like this. Notable examples include New York City, Chicago and Bloomington, Indiana, where it streamlines citizen requests and makes public services more efficient, especially during the pandemic.

My team and I have spent the combined effort equal to three years of planning, designing and programming of this software so that you can reap the benefits. HeyGov is geared to be the best platform on the market for towns just like yours. 

So take advantage of being a Founding Member of HeyGov today! 

In exchange for being a Founding Member of HeyGov, you’ll get these substantial cost-saving benefits:

In order to qualify for all these benefits, you just need to sign up as a Founding Member of HeyGov on or before December 1, 2021. 

The only other request is for you to give us a 100% honest video testimonial after you’re up and running. And that’s it!

To learn more about how much time you’ll save by using HeyGov inside of your municipality, book a time for Zoom Demo in my calendar at You can also email me at with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for being a loyal client of Town Web!

Dustin Overbeck, 

The Mad Scientist Inventor 👨‍🔬 of HeyGov 🤓 and founder of Town Web