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Top Six Ways to Ask for Support

Just because you have a website –doesn’t mean you have to fly solo. Eventually there will be questions and concerns that arise –simply from having a website. This is why we believe in making customer service a central part of what we offer. At Town Web Design, we believe in open lines of communication between… Read More


What Goes on the Contact Us Page?

The purpose of a contact page is simple: to give those looking to contact you, a way of contacting you! Often though, the importance of the humble contact page is overlooked. All too often, the contact page is poorly designed, overlooked, and neglected –almost as an afterthought in the design process. This is unfortunate though,… Read More

Email Archiving

Requirements for Town Email Archiving and Management

In today’s world, many people prefer to communicate with organizations via email. Due to the prevalence of email-based communication, it’s becoming increasingly important for municipalities to have their own email archiving systems, usually based on the state’s requirements. Email archiving is essentially a vault that can store emails. An email archiving system makes it easy… Read More