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How Town Web Design Thinks of New Features

At Town Web Design, our customers’ user experience is always at the forefront of everything we do. One of the ways that we ensure that our municipal customers receive the best service possible is through our commitment to the continued development of new features. Our feature development is an ongoing process that allows us to… Read More

Periscope? How Towns Can Use It

Periscope may be the “new kid on the block” –but it is taking the world by storm. Since its launch in March –Periscope has accumulated 10 million active accounts. This after it reached one million users during its first ten days after launch. Currently, Periscope is the number one fastest-growing social network to date! In… Read More

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How to Post Videos to Your Town Website

Having videos on your town website is a great way to get information to your residents. A lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than read text. Videos can also help to improve your website’s SEO, drawing in more visitors and keeping them on your page for longer. In some cases, videos are an… Read More

Fillable Forms for Your Website

Fillable forms are a great solution for websites, providing a great way to streamline communication. They make life easier for visitors –and organizations alike, and provide a simple-to-use solution for transferring information. They also serve as a secure way to transfer confidential data, allowing visitors to fill them out with the peace of mind in… Read More


What Goes on the Contact Us Page?

The purpose of a contact page is simple: to give those looking to contact you, a way of contacting you! Often though, the importance of the humble contact page is overlooked. All too often, the contact page is poorly designed, overlooked, and neglected –almost as an afterthought in the design process. This is unfortunate though,… Read More

What is Responsive Web Design? Part 2

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of having a website that not only works on desktop computers, but one that loads properly on mobile devices as well. Eighty percent of internet users own a smartphone, and more than a billion people access the internet primarily from their mobile devices. Having a website that’s… Read More

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5 Types of Content for Your Town Website

Creating a town website is an essential part of reaching out to the community. Your goal should be to create a one-stop directory of relevant local information so that citizens won’t need to call the office every time they have a basic question about local ordinances or garbage pickup. So what kind of content should… Read More