We know that you, as a government representative, need an easy way to transmit reliable information that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A new municipal website is the foundation for local governments to build on - the first step towards setting up daily connections with citizens and integrating technology to make regular correspondence more efficient.

Discover how our platform can simplify your municipal life, streamline communication with your constituents, and provide a user-friendly digital platform for online services and payments!

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The Town Web team and our proven platform, are your secret weapon to getting your job done with less stress!

+ Specialists in Municipal Web Design, Hosting & Emails
We specialize in municipal website design for cities, towns, villages and boroughs. This focus is the key reason we can provide affordable, fixed-price service to municipalities in a very timely manner.

+ Super Simple Client Dashboard
The client dashboard is specifically designed to make all the routine tasks of the Clerk's life, quick and efficient for communicating with residents! You'll have everything right at your finger tips, in one place, to add news, public notices, agendas, minutes, calendar events and more. Clerks truly love how easy it really is!

+ Fixed Pricing - No Cost Increases
Every municipal web design customer at Town Web has a fixed annual cost, so it's easy to budget. You wont need to rely on expensive third-party IT services to manage and maintain your website or wonder who to call. Everything is done for you by the Town Web team for one fixed price.

+ 24x7 Monitoring & Website Security
We provide 24x7 monitoring of your site, and we have systems in place to keep the bad guys out. All municipalities get a Secure Socket Layer certificate, or SSL, so your website runs securely on HTTPS. And, site backups (including core website CMS files, media files, database files) are on a separate cloud server.

+ Communication & Transparency Made Easy
Undoubtedly one of the most popular features is our Communication Platform! Residents subscribe to receive notifications via email or text, to particular topics they're interested in. This automatic system is an easy way for your citizens to always stay in the loop.

The Meeting Repository is focused specifically on storing documents for your municipal meetings. All agendas, agenda packets and meeting minutes are contained in this section. Subscribers can receive notifications when these documents are posted.

+ White Glove Service for all your Support Needs
We can teach you how to post public notices, calendar events, meeting minutes or agendas – or we can do it for you! Simply send us an email, and we’ll take care of the rest. The best part is - there is no limit to how much you can use our white glove service. It’s all-inclusive in your website package. Our support team is your Virtual Assistant for your website needs! We are available 24/7 to assist with both your website and communication tool. This comprehensive service means you do not need to burden your IT staff. You can rely on the Town Web staff.

+ Post Emergency Alerts
This feature is perfect for times when you need to capture the attention of visitors instantly to alert them about an emergency. The 'red' visual aspect of the alert is very noticeable, and won't be missed when someone is visiting your site.

The alert notification is easy to control right from your client dashboard and can be placed in several areas on the website. And, you can even choose to have the alert sent to your subscribers!

+ HeyGov (add-on solution) - User-friendly Digital Platform and Payment Portal
The HeyGov system is for citizens to interact with their government. This platform features electronic versions of your commonly used forms for instant submission. It also comes with a citizens payment portal. This way all of your municipal services like facilities rentals, utility billing and other fees can be paid online with a credit card. This innovative solution streamlines the interaction between the government and its citizens, delivering the level of service they expect and deserve in a post-pandemic world.

+ ADA Compliant & Mobile Friendly
Inclusion is important and Town Web municipal websites are ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, 508 compliant, which means people of all abilities will have access to the content and files on your website.

+ FREE Redesign Every 3 Years!*
*Available with our SelectPlus package. Technology changes, and we stay on top of it, but it’s important to update your design, too. You’ll get to choose a new template in 3 years for a fresh look! This is a tremendous value for you and your residents. It ensures you are continually updated with the latest design trends and functionality. Plus, it’s budget friendly, given that it’s a free web design!

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