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Our Communication Platform offers a quick, clear, and concise way to keep residents informed. Residents subscribe to receive automatic email or text messages each time you post.
No matter which they choose, you only need to post your content to your website. Our program takes care of the rest, sending notifications immediately to subscribers. There is no extra work for you. It’s automatic!

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Our support is like an “all-you-can-eat buffet.” You get as much as you want for a fixed fee, with no surprises and no extra billing.
Municipal clerks and staff members love having Town Web as their website provider because they can rely on us for anything related to their website. All it takes is a call, email or chat message (including Facebook Messenger), and we can post or edit something on a page for no additional cost.

Custom Website

Municipalities that want a 100% unique and 100% custom design can choose our optional Elite Package. This gives you and your municipality a truly unique website with a spectacular design and the most robust features, like an in-depth business directory. Together, we would go through a formal and thorough design and branding process.

Free Site Redesign

Receive a free website redesign from us every three years when you choose the SelectPlus Plan! Your site will be looking spiffy now and in the future.

Hack-Proof Design

Your site will be SSL Secure and will prevent unauthorized users from logging into your site.

Emergency Alerts

When there is an urgent message or notifications, it will be displayed prominently on your homepage, and also sent to all subscribers.

Mobile Friendly

50% of website visitors use a mobile device, so we design our sites to be 100% mobile responsive for both iOS and Android.

SEO Addition

Your municipal website will rise through search engine rankings when people look for your local government information.

24/7 Support

We make it easy and convenient for you to get in touch, and we offer unlimited support with no extra cost.

File Management

All your official government documents are stored and collated by category. Everyone can quickly find what they're looking for!

ADA 508 Compliant

All sites are ADA 508 Compliant, which allows people with disabilities to access your website pages and files with ease.

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