(2022) Local Government Technology Trends

Local governments need to make sure all of their operations run smoothly. That includes everything from public safety to financial management. To help make everything run smoothly, local governments are looking at ways to use technology to get the job done. Here, we will take a look at various technology solutions that local governments are using today.

Local governments need to make sure all of their operations run smoothly. That includes everything from public safety to financial management. To help make everything run smoothly, local governments are looking at ways to use technology to get the job done. Here, we will take a look at various technology solutions that local governments are using today. 


Ransomware attacks have been more common on small city websites 

One of the biggest government trends is the rash of data breaches and ransomware attacks on municipal governments of all sizes. In 2022 alone, there have been over 100 ransomware attacks on municipal websites. Because of this, local governments need to ensure that their websites are secure.

There are a number of ways to counter ransomware attacks:

At Town Web, municipal clients get a hack-proof design that is custom-tailored for their needs. This reduces the chances of attacks and helps keep important information secure. That includes the ability for citizens and businesses to pay the city without fear of having their payment information compromised. Town Web’s website building solutions also include safer file management to keep all sensitive files and information more secure. 

Citizen Focused Technology 

Town Web created the website for the City of Colt’s Neck, NJ which allows for easy accessibility

Another major trend includes making government websites more user-friendly for everyday citizens. Here’s the reality: many government websites today are poorly designed and not intuitive for different types of people. This can discourage the number of citizens who interact with the government website. But some municipalities are starting to understand the value of a more user-friendly design.

The City of Colt’s Neck, NJ is a historical, small municipality that wanted to create a website that was easier for citizens to navigate and access important government documents. Today, the city’s official website is designed with five quick links which allow visitors to access the most requested information from the municipality’s citizens. 

Additionally, the website features a clean design that makes it easier for citizens to navigate. A simple design with quick links on the homepage is a great way to make sure that people will want to use your local government website.

Easily Shareable Government Technology 

The Government Accountability Office emphasizes the importance of local governments working with state and federal entities. 

Local governments are also using technology to easily share information from one department to another For instance, city hall officials, the police department, and the fire department may need to share information during an emergency situation. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government Accountability Office emphasized the importance of intergovernmental information sharing between Federal and state & local governments. With a quality-built website, local governments will be better positioned to work with other government offices during times of emergencies. 

Town Web creates websites that are interoperable with other local, state, and Federal government computers and domains. This will make it easier for information to be shared securely from department to department. That includes better file management as well as better communications systems within each government computer. 

Building Trust 

Town Web created a more user-friendly website for the City of Lake Ozark 

Cities need to make sure a community feels that their local government is better serving their needs. One big local trend we are seeing is distrust of governments. Therefore, it is important for citizens and businesses to believe that the government is serving them by being transparent and communicating updates in an accessible way. 

As an example, Town Web created a website for the City of Lake Ozark that helped locals have easier access to the services that they need. Also, the website allows the city to stream breaking government announcements in the form of a ticket which appears at the top of the site.

Town Web has worked with local governments to help create a website that is relevant to their needs. For instance, a Town Web-built website can make navigating to public services easier and allow for quicker access to public information. Better access to city information can help foster a better sense of trust within the community. 

Data-Driven Decision Making 

Cities are using data in order to make better decisions. Here, the city of Baton Rouge uses a heat map to track 311 calls. 

With the explosion of technology, computers, social media, and online communications, there is lots of data out there. Some of the smartest local governments are using all of this data in order to make better-informed decisions. However, there is one problem. All of this data can be overwhelming and it could take years in order to make sense of it.

However, some cities are doing their best to make excellent data-driven decisions. For instance, the initiative What Works Cities has awarded 16 governments that are using data to make better decisions which have led to positive impacts. 

Recently, the city of San Jose used broadband data usage information to see which areas of the city have the lowest data speed rates. With this information, the city was able to send in broadband boosters to ensure that everyone in the city had the same data speed. 

Town Web’s powerful website design can assist in the collection, management, and analysis of city information. This can allow the city to send this information to the decision-makers and the citizens in order to make better decisions for everyone involved. We expect data-driven decisions to be one of the biggest government technology trends moving forward. 

What to Look for in a Government Website Contractor 

Now that you know how technology is helping local governments become smarter and more efficient, you may want to consider upgrading your existing municipal websites. However, it is a good idea to find the right contractor for the job. Here are four major factors to consider.

Government Experience

You don’t want to hire just any website building company for your government website. You want to make sure that your contractor has unique experience working with small government websites. Town Web has helped build websites for over 600 small governments across the country. From rural cities to urban municipalities, Town Web can work with just about any small government in the United States. 


Major government technology trends include cybersecurity and file management. You don’t want to deal with the headache that could come with a data breach or a ransomware attack. Therefore, you need to make sure that you hire a website builder that will create a “bulletproof” website. 

Town Web creates websites with the latest SSL certifications plus other safeguards to ensure secure payments, communications, and file sharing. Additionally, Town Web offers a 24/7 support line so any government  IT employee or official can communicate with a specialist.


You need to make sure that the website builder that you choose can get the job done on time. That means you need to work with a company that understands the logistics that come with working with a government agency. Town Web has the staff and the know-how to complete major website projects for all types of small governments. 


Finally, technology in the public sector needs to be upgraded on a regular basis. This will make sure that your website is secure as well as updated with the latest plug-ins, apps, and software. Town Web provides regular upgrade service for all of its clients. 

Helping Small Local Governments Keep Up With Technology Trends 

While larger cities will certainly have the budget to upgrade their websites, it can be a challenge for smaller governments. In fact, complex websites can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  However, small government website builders such as Town Web make it easy for municipalities to create easy-to-use and secure websites at an accessible price. This allows just about any city to get the website that they need. 

Understanding Local Government Technology Trends

As you can see, there are a number of ways that the right technology in the public sector can make better decisions. It all starts with having the right website that is secure, easy to use, and shareable among citizens and other city departments. Town Web has helped build websites for over 600 city governments across the United States. If you would like a demonstration of how Town Web can upgrade and innovate your city’s websites, contact us today. 

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