December 23, 2019

With Town Web, you can enjoy a no-cost municipal website redesign every three years!*

When you choose Town Web's SelectPlus plan to design, host and maintain your municipal website, you’ll get a no-cost website redesign every three years! What does that mean? Why is it important? Let us explain all the details!

When you choose Town Web and the SelectPlus plan to design, host and maintain your municipal website, you’ll get a no-cost website redesign every three years!*

What does that mean? Why is it important? Let us explain all the details!

Town Web focuses on municipal websites. That’s all we do. We really understand what you need and what works for you. Your municipal website needs to function well for you, your residents and other website visitors now and in the future.

An outdated website won’t look as good or work as well as a redesigned one. Think about your own online searches. We’ve all come across an outdated website that looks like it was created in the late 1990s – because it was. It looks old and clunky. The links don’t work. The content isn’t fresh. You know you won’t find what you’re looking for. There’s nothing to keep you there. And if you see it on a smartphone screen, you have to zoom in to read anything at all.

An updated website will look fresh and inviting. It will be easy to navigate. Your residents and visitors can find what they want quickly. Content will be up-to-date. Photos and images will be attractive and properly sized. Links will go to the right places. It will look great in smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop view.

Which would you rather have? Which would your residents and website visitors prefer? Of course, you want the updated website.

We want you to have an easy-to-use website that looks good now and three years from now. Plan for it now to make your job easier later.

Why is a website redesign important?

Aside from keeping the content updated, the design of the page is important. As readers, we like websites that are attractive and pleasing to the eye. If we are looking for specific information, we want to be able to find it quickly, so the site needs to be easy to navigate.

A redesign every three years will provide that fresh look and allow us to add new tools and technology as it becomes available.

Think about how you use the internet. Not too many years ago, most people had dial-up service and a desktop computer. Now, we’re more likely to look up sites on a smartphone using Wi-Fi or data. Our website designs need to keep pace with those changes in how people look for information.

What do you mean by redesign?

You get to choose from the newest templates (aka themes) available! A redesign will update the look and “feel” of your website. The core content will remain the same. Your residents still can find agendas, meeting notices, documents, forms and information. But the overall look will be fresh and new.

We have various page designs that work well for municipal websites. With your input, we will choose a redesign theme that fits with your community and your needs.

The colors, typography (fonts), layout (where things are placed on the page) and photos can be changed or adjusted. We can add or delete elements to suit your needs. For example, a “sidebar” of how to contact you could be moved from one side to the other, added or removed.

The finished redesign will be optimized for various screen sizes, so we will take that into account when we redesign your page.

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How does the redesign work?

*When you first sign a three-year contract on the SelectPlus plan with Town Web, you’ll get a new municipal website up front. You’ll go through a website design process with us so we can learn what you need and build a great website for you.

A couple of months before the end of your three-year web-hosting contract, we will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to talk about changes you’d like to see on your website and the options available for a redesign. The meeting and process won’t be as in-depth as your initial website design, because we won’t need to create all of the content from scratch. Instead, we will focus on the design elements and any technology changes that need to be addressed.

After we meet, we will work on your redesign and provide you with a preview of it. We will work together on any changes you request before it goes live. We do the work, and you enjoy the results.

After it launches, you’ll want to tell people. A new or redesigned website is a big deal you want to share. Toot your own horn!

You can let your residents and subscribers know about your newly redesigned website through the Communication Platform; via any newsletter, letters or communication you send to residents; on your social media accounts, such as Facebook; and through a media release to your local newspaper, radio and TV stations.

Do I really need a website redesign?

Think about how quickly technology changes. Now, think three years ahead. Can you envision what changes and new features you might need to keep your website working properly and looking good? With Town Web, you’ll know that your website will get a fresh makeover to keep it attractive and effective.

When you choose Town Web and the SelectPlus plan for a three-year contract to design, host and maintain your municipal website, you know you’re covered now and in the future. Then, you can choose to extend that promise out another three years …

The no-cost redesign is a perk we provide to our contract customers who sign up on the SelectPlus plan.

In addition to fixed pricing – knowing exactly how much you’ll pay every month and every year – you have the knowledge that you’ll get a redesigned website every three years! No other municipal website design company in Wisconsin provides this option.

Town Web has been providing municipal website design to customers for a dozen years. More than 80 of our more than 600 clients have been with us since we started and enjoy the design services we provide.

You can be among them, knowing you’ll have a great website now – and later.

Contact us today to find out how you can get a no-cost website redesign as a Town Web contract municipal client.

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