August 18, 2015

Town Web Design Helps Kronenwetter Win Website Award

At Town Web Design, we strive to provide easy and intuitive solutions for municipalities.

At Town Web Design, we strive to provide easy and intuitive solutions for municipalities. We aim to provide excellent web design solutions for clerks –systems that are designed to help save time, and make their jobs easier –allowing them to easily keep their website updated with the latest information, ensuring that the site is easy for visitors to use –and accessible.

Easily Accessible Information

Wisconsin has over two thousand local elected bodies including the city council, county board, village boards, and school boards. There are over thirteen thousand elected officials to sort through if residents wish to find information –a daunting task, especially if the town website is difficult to use.At Town Web, one of our goals is to ensure that our websites are built with both the town clerk and the visitors in mind. This allows us to build websites that are easy for all parties to use.One of our clients, the Village of Kronenwetter, enlisted our help in building and managing their website. We worked closely with the village administrator to make updates and enhancements to the village’s website –to help execute the administrator’s vision for the site.

Kronenwetter Municipal Website Design

Recently, we discovered that that website had went on to win an award –and recognition for the website’s transparency and for excellence in providing easy access to online information on local public officials and open meetings. This award, known as the ConnectWI, was presented by the Wisconsin Women’s Council, in partnership with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association.

connectWI Logo

When the ConnectWI logo is seen on a government official website, it recognizes excellence in providing easy to access information in a timely fashion. The Wisconsin Women’s Council supports efforts behind making government websites transparent, as well as ensuring that information is easy to access. The Connect WI logo is a symbol of excellence, and one that we are pleased and honored to have on one of our websites. The village of Kronenwetter was one of seven municipalities to be recognized with the symbol. There were a total of three Wisconsin villages and four cities that were selected to be recognized by ConnectWI. In addition to Kronenwetter, the cities of Appleton, Eau Claire, River Falls, and Waupaca and the villages of Deforest, Weston. Eau Claire, River Falls, Waupaca, Deforest, and Weston were all selected to receive gold designations. ConnectWI recognizes county, city, village, town and school district websites that fulfill a 10-point checklist aimed at promoting transparency. Websites that excel beyond the basic criteria are awarded a gold designation.“This first group of local governments recognized by ConnectWI demonstrate how, when done well, web site transparency is a tremendous resource for the public and opens doors for constituents to better know and engage with their public officials,” said Christine Lidbury, executive director of the Women’s Council. “We hope they will serve as resource to local governments at all levels to identify best practices, new ideas and even simple changes that add up to greater transparency.” At Town Web Design, we are devoted to ensuring that your city website is easy to navigate, understand, and update; cutting down on the frustrations and the time spent trying to update information. This means that the clerk will be able to update the website with new and relevant information simply, and easily –allowing the public to have access to updated, timely, and important information. The Village of Kronenwetter, Marathon County, Wisconsin municipal website can be viewed at: www.kronenwetter.orgRegardless of if you need a website for a town, village, or city –at Town Web Design, we are here to help. We offer solutions for small and medium-sized municipalities from small villages of 200 people to cities with over 8000 residents. Contact Town Web Design for more information on web design for municipalities. We power over 350 municipalities, and would be happy to create a website that’s built with your needs in mind.Image: Brad.K

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