Now Hiring!

Come and work for a FUN, FRIENDLY...and perhaps QUIRKY Wisconsin based business that has been growing for the past 13 years.

Town Web Customer Service (Secret) Agent

We are looking to add an exceptional person to the Team who will support our goal of providing a 5-star experience for our customers.

What you’ll be doing

Our Technical Nice to Haves

Skills Required

How We Will Measure Your Success

Fast and efficient is how we want to do it. In order to measure your success in the role, you will be measured on:

How to Apply

If you think you are the one we are looking for, submit THIS FORM for the initial assessment. You will know within 48 hours if you will move to the next level of the process which is an interview.

Town Web Can Provide You With a Fun and Exciting Career

This is a full-time job (40 hours per week). Pay is $4.50 with a possibility of rate increase depending on prior experience, your soft skills and how quickly you “get it” when fitting into the Town Web culture. The working hours are from 4am to 1pm MNL time.

After 6 months, you will enjoy company benefits, exclusive to those who “make it”. This includes internet subsidy and Paid Time Offs.

Town Web is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin but has office locations in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Some of the Town Web team is distributed and they work remotely from their own home offices or from coworking locations.

In the past four years Town Web has doubled in size employee wise. We now have 17 people who handle all aspects of our customers’ needs. You would have the opportunity to work for a small, yet stable company that is building out unique technology solutions for a non-technical audience.

Town Web’s Customers Love the Service and Support They Receive in the Municipal Industry

Town Web’s customers are small towns, cities and villages in the United States. Most of our end users are municipal clerks or administrators who do anything and everything needed in their local government, and they absolutely love us! They’re the powerhouse who keep their communities together. Town Web provides them with the means and the technological solution to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

We provide them with technological solutions that are easy to use and have more than 13 years of experience doing so. In the local government sector, we are already very well known nationally since we have over 550 municipal customers across 30 different states.

Our motto is “We Make the Clerk’s Live Easier”. This is why Town Web is chosen as the preferred vendor across 500+ other municipalities. Our solution is very easy to use, comes with awesome support, and is very affordable.

Town Web’s Corporate Culture is Built to be Like a Family

One thing that makes Town Web quite unique is that we do not have layers of bureaucracy that stifle innovation and creativity. It’s a fairly flat structure and each person on the team is approachable and is able to help you succeed. Each employee has a lot of autonomy in how their job is done and there is no micromanaging whatsoever.

As of Feb 2020, Town Web has 17 total employees. Therefore, we are not a company where you would be lost in the crowd, or where you would be looked at as just a cog in a machine. You would be considered as part of the Town Web family and be able to work with a group of people that you’d definitely enjoy hanging out with on the weekends and evenings.

The founder, Dustin Overbeck, had already spent nine years working in the corporate world before founding Town Web in 2007. Therefore, he knew what it was like to work for large companies where people were just cogs in a machine, and where there was a formal corporate structure, layers of rules and bureaucracy, and where innovative ideas died from analysis paralysis.

Town Web strives to be a fun place to work at, where all employees are like family, and where we solve interesting technological problems for non-technical customers. We foster a warm, fun and energetic work atmosphere while solving technology problems for a non-technical audience.