Case Study

City of Glen Cove


The City of Glen Cove, NY on Long Island needed a new website, and Town Web delivered with a bold, beautiful design, custom pages and our easy-to-use system. Website visitors can find what they need thanks to thoughtful organization and useful tools, like smart search.

Before Town Web came on board, Glen Cove had an outdated, clunky website. It was a nightmare to try and update it. On top of that, it didn’t look good, and it wasn’t organized. Departments and staff listings were mixed up, and the images weren’t appealing.

Design Goals

Glen Cove needed an easy to navigate site for their residents and need them to be able to easily and quickly find exactly what they were looking for.


Glen Cove is unique in the fact that they're surrounded by water, and have a ferry that needed to be prominently featured on the website.


Glen Cove is a young and active community. Therefore, they wanted these activities and things to do to be featured as well.


With so much going on, we needed to make sure we featured all of the necessary items without making the website look cluttered.


Design System

Town Web Design provided two sets of mock-ups for the website, and Glen Cove leaders chose the “bold/spicy” version. The design was tweaked to meet their requests, and then the Projects Team began programming to build a seamless site. Next, the Data Entry Team migrated the old website content, added new content and organized everything.



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