Case Study

City of Colts Neck, NJ


Colts Neck Township, New Jersey approached Town Web in early 2021 for a website project. This town, originally filled with historical importance, but with a modern spin on governance proved to be an enjoyable challenge. We started the project in early Spring 2021. The website subcommittee of five had clear ideas of what they’d like to see and incorporate into their new website. 

The town requested a website redesign that was easy to navigate and enhanced citizen access and engagement in as few clicks as possible. Additionally, the aim was to design a site to be mobile-friendly, ADA compliant and to reflect the colors of the town logo. It also needed to be extremely user friendly for the Colts Neck team to update regularly, especially for the many forms and documents.

Design Goals

Easy citizen access to ensure comfortable navigation to important events, documentation and information with as few clicks as possible.


A modern and visually engaging mobile-friendly website, to enhance citizen engagement and time spent on the website.


Create a unified look with the reflection of the town’s colors and vibe: green, gold and white onto the rest of the website.


Calendar functionality with the ability for citizens to access documentation and details of town events, meetings, rules, regulations and forms.


Design System

An easy-to-read font was chosen together with gorgeous, high-res photos to showcase the natural attraction of the town; on every page. The ‘torn page’ look was used at the top and bottom of each internal page, together with two sets of quick links. On the homepage, the natural feeling of the torn page look, combined with modern angular elements, created a fresh design that was aesthetically pleasing. In addition to visual appeal, the site enables a wide range of information to be easily accessible to residents. To ensure effortless access, a ‘How Do I’ menu was incorporated.

Interesting titbits:
+ This elite-level project took just under six months, from start to finish. 
+ Daily communication and their protocol ensured we had insight into every update being made to the original website. This ensured we could scrape the relevant page, to update the new website. It enabled a smooth transition from old to new so that no data was lost. 
+ Color tweaks were done several times. 
+ The Colts Neck team has done training with Town Web and is very sufficient in updating their website. 
+ A mayoral message was released when the new site went live.
+ Departmental specific logos were created, as a special touch, for easy recognition of each department.

Finished Product:
After a tremendous amount of hard work and creativity, Colts Neck Township and Town Web Design have come together to create a beautiful, and resident-friendly municipal website that serves as both an informational resource and the primary mode of communication between Colts Neck Township officials and the general public. It also resulted in a site that is easy for Colts Neck staff to maintain and update as needed. The Elite-level package that Town Web offers continues to stand out as a smart choice for local governments who want to showcase that their community is amazing as well as their municipal website.

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