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Town Web sets the standard for form, function, and a track record of success. Use our experience to help you build a website that will engage and empower your residents.

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Send Quick, Secure, and Accessible Communications

Our robust communication platform makes timely, relevant messaging a breeze. Your residents can sign up to receive text or email notifications about any topics they want. Then, when you post news, minutes, or essential documents, the subscribers receive only the notifications they feel are relevant to them. We can even send your posts directly to your Facebook page. 

You can post alerts quickly and easily from your Town Web dashboard. We will help you configure the alerts to appear where they will be most effective on your website. In addition, you can send notifications to subscribers and reach them whether they are at home or on the go. So whether you need to send reminders of looming deadlines or there is a serious emergency, you will be able to contact your residents in moments. 

Everyone in your town will be able to access all the information on your website. All our designs are 100% ADA and Section 508 compliant, ready to accommodate users of all abilities. Furthermore, our responsive layouts fit any screen and support full functionality for desktop and mobile users.     

Every resident in your town will receive each alert, notification, and document knowing that everyone's data are secure. We provide a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all our clients, enabling their websites to run on HTTPS. Not only are your data encrypted, but you also get a boost in Google search, helping you remain the #1 trusted source for people seeking information about your town.    

All the Support You Need, 24x7

White glove service is our hallmark and our passion. We will teach you everything you need to know to operate your local government website. So whether you want a refresher on how to post calendar events or require thorough training on using our dashboard, we're here for you. 

Of course, if you don't have the time, you can use us as virtual assistants. Send us a message, and we will post your notices, documents, or announcements for you. Our customer service is all-inclusive, and there is no limit to the number of requests you can make. We're here to help! 

Technology waits for nobody. As trends in web design change, it's our business to stay on top of them and make sure we offer the best functionality in an attractive and affordable package. While that sounds great to our new clients, existing customers don't have to worry about getting left behind. With our Select+ package, we offer a free website redesign every 3 years. As a result, your town website will always have the smoothest, most convenient interface for your residents. 

At Town Web, our track record of success speaks for itself. Our local government website design choices are informed by experience, customer feedback, and our collaborative mindset. For the last 14 years, we have teamed up with over 600 municipalities in 33 states (and counting!) to revolutionize how local governments communicate with their residents. These ongoing relationships have helped bring hundreds of communities closer together.

For You

We Provide the Essentials for Local Government Website Design

Agendas, minutes, job postings, trash collection, and everything your users want to know about can get lost on a disorganized website. But at Town Web, we understand that your website can be the most effective form of communication between you and your residents. So we updated the website of Glen Cove, NY, to make it content-focused, well organized, and super easy to navigate without looking cluttered.      

One of the best ways to reduce clutter is using simple, clear icons to direct users. Our clickable elements are abstract enough to look good and intuitive enough to guide your residents to precisely what they're looking for. Without so much text on the page, the personality of your community will shine through.  

Colts Neck, NJ, wanted a site that showcased its official color scheme and pastoral imagery but served its citizens with a highly functional, clutter-free interface. Town Web rose to the occasion. The finished, modernized website is easy to maintain, resident-friendly, and visually appealing to anybody who wants to learn about the town.  

As local government website design trends change, Town Web stays ahead of the curve. Gone are the days of stock imagery, drab colors, and elements stuck in boxes on different parts of the screen. So when Lake Ozark, MO, issued an RFP for a bold, responsive website that showcased life on the Lake, we put together a bright, open design that won over the hearts of the community.

The 5 Crucial Steps for Local Government Website Design

Planning the perfect local government website design is not easy. However, at Town Web, we have mastered the 5 steps to making your website the best it can be. As you read and consider these steps, refer to our case study on Colts Neck, NJ, to see what type of site we can build for you.

1. Determine Your Site’s Objectives

All great websites have a clear objective. What's yours? Some local governments see their websites as a resource for the public to find information. Others see them as a means to elicit engagement with their residents. Most prefer a unique balance that fits their community.   

2. Know What Info Your Residents Want, And How They Want It

Information is power, so your website must empower your residents to make educated decisions on civic issues. Whether you use interactive maps, busy newsfeeds, or accurate calendars, give your citizens the content they want. You can also allow each user to receive notifications whenever you release info on something they're interested in.

3. Account for Responsive Design

Some users will peruse your website at leisure on their desktop; others will need quick info while they're on the go. Your website should accommodate both. Every local government website design by Town Web is responsive and formats on the fly to accommodate displays of any configuration. 

4. Comply with Accessibility Regulations

Design is not just about convenience; it's about the law. All our designs are ADA and Section 508 compliant, providing users of all abilities the access they need to get the most out of their local government website. As regulations change, our designs will evolve to account for them.

5. Accommodate Multiple Languages

Not everyone is a native English speaker. We can use simple tools to allow users access to your site in many different languages. This extra functionality allows new arrivals to get the information they need to settle in and learn what makes your town special.

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