Our specialty is to provide great looking and functional websites for towns and villages with less than 1,000 residents.

Our goal is to help you serve and connect with your community in a creative way, through your website.
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Smart Alternative

In many cases, quotes from large website design and hosting companies can be laughably expensive. This is why Town Web is recommended as a smart alternative.

If you want to work with a group of people who understand your specific website needs, are fun to work with, and there for you consistently, then check out our Town Web team. We are focused on solving municipal problems creatively.

Communication Platform

Your new website includes a Communication Platform so you can easily stay in touch with your residents. They can subscribe and receive notifications.

Residents simply add their email address or cell phone number and choose the topics that interest them. Your residents will get instant notifications whenever categories they’ve subscribed to have new items posted.

Messages are sent via email or text, so residents don’t have to go to your website to read them.

Clerk Tested: Board Approved

More than 600 boards and councils have chosen and currently work with Town Web. We are their approved web design, hosting and support vendor.

When we started, more than 80 boards selected Town Web as their website provider, and they still consider that a great decision today, a dozen years later. Websites built by us represent a sound investment in quality, performance and dependability. We are your low-risk, highly experienced municipal web technology partner to take you into the future.

Personable Service

Municipal clerks and staff members love having Town Web as their website provider because they can rely on us for anything related to their website. All it takes is a call, email or chat message (including Facebook Messenger), and we can post or edit something on a page for no additional cost.

Our “white-glove” 24/7 support is like an “all-you-can-eat buffet.” You get as much as you want for a fixed price, with no surprises and no extra billing.

Furthermore, we take care of issues as quickly as possible, and most issues are resolved by the end of each eight-hour shift.

For You

Our municipal website software is called TownCMS v5. It’s a highly customized version of WordPress, which is open and very flexible. As a matter of fact, it’s the preferred software to use by municipal administrators, municipal clerks and their elected officials. We designed it to solve specific problems, such as posting minutes and agendas, which is different than websites that post blogs or articles.

Our goal is to make your municipal website easy for residents to find agendas, minutes and anything else they need.

Additionally, your website gets better over time. We constantly add new features, enhancements and updates. You get these upgrades automatically, so this site will be the last one you’ll ever need!

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We have developed a budget-friendly, no-frills template and package that is very affordable for a small town like yours. Everybody can afford it!

Our small town Clerks love us too!

Sheila - Town of Chilton

"It looks great! Thanks for making that happen with such ease!"
Mindi - City of Bennington

"I am eager to get started with our new styled webpage. We have enjoyed working with your company so far and know we will continue to be satisfied."
Melanie - Town of Jarratt

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