Our specialty is to provide great looking and functional websites for smaller towns, villages and cities.

Our goal is to help you serve and connect with your community in a creative way, through your website.
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We have developed a budget-friendly, no-frills template and package that is very affordable for a small town like yours. Everybody can afford it!

Our small town Clerks love us too!

"Thank you so very much. You're always wonderful with helping and I am so very grateful for that. I am so glad our town website is with you."
- Town of Clearfield

"Thanks for your help! You always come through for us."
- Town of Oshkosh

"Town Web has one of the best support teams I have encountered! Within a few hours after I sent my email, Flor updated the website. It is a holiday in Central Illinois, so I didn't expect to receive a response so quickly. Keep up the great work, Town Web!"
- Village of Pesotum

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