Town Web serving the public: the non-municipal customers of Town Web

With fourteen years and over 600 happy municipalities, we’re in a groove. 

Each municipality brings us a new set of circumstances and needs, which keeps us on our toes. Town Web is known for ‘websites made easy’ - we strive to take a challenging process and, by using best practices, provide affordable municipal website design and management. 

Building custom, user-friendly and safe websites are not limited to municipalities. An aesthetically pleasing and hack-proof site ensures an organization's ability to communicate with its community, helps with transparency and information sharing.  


Although our focus is on municipal website design, we’ve actually had several types of organizations that form part of the Town Web alumni. Institutions like: Police and Fire departments, Chamber of Commerce, Non-profit organizations, utility districts and lake management districts. Our ‘white-glove service’ extends far and wide - with 24/7 support and 99% uptime - we treat all institutions to this. 

The diversity of different institutions creates an inspiring flow of ideas and ways of doing. 

Even though the services provided are different, many needs are the same: 

Here is a sampling of some of our non-municipal website clients:

Non-profit organization website  -

Lake Management District website  - 

Police department website  -

Fire department website  - 

Chamber of Commerce website  - 

Property owners association website  - 

Utility district website  - 

Lake Protection and Rehabilitation district website  - 

Whether you need a new non-profit or police department website or even a Chamber of Commerce website design with a robust business directory, Town Web is characterized by user-friendly systems (for both organizations and residents). ADA 508 Compliancy and a mobile-friendly set-up completes the package and makes communications easy. 

Town Web provides 24/7 tech support. Together with document management and managing the entire process from old to new - getting a new website is a painless process. This includes strategy meetings to deep-dive into your organization's needs, mock-ups to choose from, migrating all content and quality control to ensure that the website is in tip-top condition when it goes live. 

Town Web - we are everywhere!