August 4, 2015

Why TownWeb Manages Domain Names

At TownWeb, we buy and manage most of the domain names for our municipal customers.

At TownWeb, we buy and manage most of the domain names for our municipal customers.Registering domains under our name makes it easier for us to set up the domain, and also makes it easier to manage the website. Having everything registered under our company also allows us to easily take care of any technical issues that arise, and makes troubleshooting easier.If you’re wondering why it’s better to let us manage the domain –or wondering what’s involved with domain management, let’s explore some of the benefits that come from allowing us to purchase and manage your domain for you.

Simplifies Technical Issues

In addition to providing web design, hosting, and free support to our customers, we are also able to take care of the technical details that are involved with registering, and renewing the domain name. When everything is under one roof, we can easily troubleshoot issues that can arise. Since we have access to everything from the name server records to domain name servers, hosting, files, and graphics, we are able to mitigate the problems that sometimes occur when different providers have access to all these areas. One seemingly innocuous change to the DNS by a third party could cause the municipality's email or web hosting to go down. Since we maintain access to the domain settings, we will be able to ensure that no one accidentally makes a change that could cause serious issues.

Offers Cost Savings

Buying domain names on behalf of our municipal customers is not something we do to turn a profit. Rather, we have a good long-term relationship with our preferred domain registrar ( and are able to obtain domains at an excellent price. In fact, the price is close to what a budget company –such as would charge. At the end of the day, we are reselling the domains at $15 per year simply because of the convenience, support, and reliability that we get from our vendor, also offers great customer service. They’re located in Colorado and provide real human help. They can easily be reached via phone or email whenever we have any questions or issues. This prompt level of customer service enables us to then pass on excellent customer service to you.

Allows for Easy Transfer of Ownership

When we purchase your domain name, you will gain ownership of your domain. However, to make life easier for all parties involved, we keep the domain name in our account, and register it under our name. One of the reasons that we move the domain under our name is that it allows for a simplified registration process, which also makes it easier to transfer ownership, should the need arise. Most towns do business with checks and don’t have a town credit card. Since all domain registrars require payment by a credit card, the domain would need to be reserved and managed by a town elected official or clerk who would then get reimbursed. Of course, this carries risks should the elected official not be reelected for a future term. When this happens, the domain could expire and the site could go down. Things get even more complicated if the elected official or clerk uses their personal email address to register the domain! Keeping the domain under our name allows for professional domain maintenance, and simplified transfer. One question that we’re often asked by municipalities that are vetting us out is, “Do you transfer the domain name back to the town if they later choose a different host?” The answer is, "Yes, of course!" We won’t own your domain name; we simply manage the domain name on your behalf. If, at any point you would like to leave for a different provider, we would unlock the domain, and send the domain authorization code. This allows a different provider to then manage the domain. Of course, we should mention –that it is a rare for a municipality to leave. We offer free support, which means that if there’s ever an issue, problem, or concern that you have down the road, we will be happy to address it, at no additional cost. Our goal is to provide towns and municipalities with the best service possible –and websites that are designed with your unique needs in mind. For more information on website design, contact TownWeb. We provide websites that are designed for municipalities. Get in touch with us today for more information on a website for your town!Image: India7 Network