Upgrade your site to TownCMS v5!

Upgrade your site to TownCMS v5!

We will take your existing site and upgrade it from whatever version it is on to a v5 site.
  • Our Process for a v5 Upgrade

    You will get a new site that is optimized for mobile users and it will incorporate best practice methods in the municipal industry for site layout, design and site organization.
    Since we are doing site upgrades for a one-time fixed fee, we therefore ask for your cooperation in allowing us to do your site upgrade in a streamlined process.

    1. You will be responsible for sending new photos to be added/used on the new website. If you are unable to send photos for any reason, please communicate with us. If available, we can use photos from the old website, or use our stock photographs.

    2. Once we receive new photos from you, or you have communicated that you are unable to send them at the moment, we will begin data transfer. Data transfer is defined as migrating all the content from your old website to the new one. This process will take 15-20 days, depending on your old website’s content.

    3. Should you want to incorporate new content to the website, this is the best time to communicate it with us. You may also do this once data transfer is completed, when the staging site is sent to you for review.

    4. Staging website will be revealed once data transfer is completed. You then have 5 days to send us a list of changes. Once received, we will complete these with 48 hours.

    5. When punch list is completed and executed, we will communicate with you once again to confirm that you are good with the changes.

    6. Congratulations, we can now make your new website live. You may then schedule a training with our training specialist, Liliana by booking an appointment with her.
  • Updated Contact Us Page

    While doing your upgrade to v5, it would be helpful for us to build out a newer and more informative Contact Us page for your community.

    We can display any and all information that is helpful for your residents. This can include the physical location of municipal building, the mailing address (if it is different), and include the Clerk's hours, etc.

    Please also include what you would like to be the official telephone/fax/email address(es).

  • Since some municipalities use a mailing address that is different from the building address, please let us know which address(es) to use.
    Please indicate whether or not you'd like to have Google Maps added to the Contact Us page.
  • Please include any additional information that you would like to have on the Contact Us page that is not mentioned above.
  • Email Addresses

    Although not part of an upgrade, some municipalities want to have branded email address. (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], etc.)

    If you do not already have branded email addresses, and you would like some created for your town, just indicate it here.

    The cost is $10/mo for a batch of 10 email addresses (paid annually).
  • Graphics & Photos for Banner

    We can redesign a new banner and color scheme for your v5 upgrade. It would be super helpful if you could include 10-25+ images.

    Think of images that showcase the best features of your town. It could be images of the scenery, the landscape. Some towns have sent us images of their town hall (inside and out), pictures of nature, seasonal images, pictures taken at events/activities in the town, pictures of the road equipment and emergency apparatus, and even water towers or signs where it shows the town name.
  • Expected Project Completion Date

    We are doing upgrades on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we may have some flexibility to fit your project in a schedule based on your desired go-live date.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    What month & day would you like to have your site ready for launch?
  • Feel free to add any comments here:
  • Any Questions, just let us know!

    You can always call or email with questions.

    Dustin Overbeck
    Powering over 350 municipalities!
    920-645-2823 x700
    email: [email protected]